Cultural Heritage


The ancestors of present day population of Liptovská Teplička left behind a rich cultural heritage, which is reflected in the architecture, typical traditions and folklore. The unique contemporary architecture –the timbered houses, the Stodolište cluster, the potato cellars and the terraced fields – adorn the village and its surroundings.


The original folk architecture has been preserved in several timbered houses. One small wooden house has been turned into a museum – Teplický Dom (Teplička House). Besides that, one can also find special cellars for storing potatoes in Liptovská Teplička. The cellars are unique in Europe. But Stodolište, a complex of farm buildings – barns - is no less unique. Terraced fields created by ploughing into a steep slope and piling rocks at the sides of the fields, represent a phenomenon of the countryside in the close vicinity of the village.


Cultural heritage has also been preserved in local folk dialect, traditions, crafts and folklore. Visitors to the village have a chance to see all this at popular folk festival Pod Kráľovou Hoľou (Below Kráľova Hoľa) as well as at other cultural events.


The dialect of Liptovská Teplička is unique in Slovakia and is still used. It has been captured in a book and in an audio-visual form. Children's folk ensemble Turnička, folk band Tepličan and the local primary school with kindergarten of Štefan Náhalka with its regional education classes, seek to preserve folk songs, dances, typical clothes and traditions. Traditional crafts are still maintained in Liptovská Teplička and a local television channel, which produces documents about the village, also aims to preserve the cultural heritage.


Speaking about the cultural heritage, we cannot forget about important natives, who contributed to the development of culture and education both in Liptovská Teplička as well as far beyond the borders of Liptov region.


Timbered Houses and Stodolište

Teplická Izba and Teplický Dom

Cultural Heritage




Liptovská Teplička is a typical mountain village situated at the northern foot of the Low Tatras. The village is surrounded by beautiful scenery of the Čierny Váh (Black Váh) valley and typical for its folk traditions that can be found only blow the hill of Kráľova Hoľa (King's Bald Mountain).




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