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A wooden memorial of the Slovak National Uprising – Partisan Village of Liptovská Teplička, a chapel of St John of Nepomuk and a local office of the Low Tatras National Park (NAPANT) with a small exhibition devoted to the region and the Považie Forrest Railway, welcome the visitors to the village.


From there you can turn to local organic farm of the Agricultural Cooperative Association, where you will have an opportunity to observe the process of producing cheese, sheep cheese and other products, visit the farm yard, milking parlour and buy the genuine organic products from Teplička.




You can continue through the valley along the Čierny Váh River to Kráľova Hoľa or follow the nature trail and stop in VikartovskýMlyn Guest House and ski resort SKI Park in winter.

If you decide to continue towards the village, you can stop at the bakery near the main road and see the original baking ovens. Refreshment waits for you in cosyTurnička Restaurant.

In addition to a playground for children on the main road, TeplickáIzba (Teplička Room) – the exhibition of photographs and original craft and flax processing tools –also wait for your visit. The building houses also another grocery store.


A few metres further at the crossroads you will find a cross commemorating the first church in Liptovská Teplička. Walk a few metres further and you will find Váh Guest House with a small hangout. Behind the guest house there is the Municipal Office, the Municipal Library, a grocery store, a store with varied goods, a flower shop, a massage and beauty salon, TeplickýDom (Teplička House) with original furnishing and a plaque commemorating native Franciscan BystríkJaník.


If you decide to continue on the main road, on your left you will find the outpatient clinic, the local office of the ForestrySociety, a bar and a grocery store, a butcher shop and a delicaciesshop. A few metres further you will see the first firehouse, also called the old firehouse, with a newsstand inside and a bus stop.

Nearby memorial of fallen soldiers will definitely attract your attention; the memorial is in the vicinity of an old building of the school, Roman Catholic Church of St John the Baptist dating back to 1759, the primary school, a grocery store and the post office.


The parish, the kindergarten, the new firehouse and a commemorative plaque at the house where papal prelate Mons. Štefan Garaj was born, can be found in Š. Garaj Street. The plaque celebrating the second papal prelate and founder of the Slovak Institute of St Cyril and Methodius in Rome, Mons. Štefan Náhalka, can be found in the building of the local primary school.


Kobyliarky and Š. Náhalka Streets continue from the new firehouse. Both of them will bring you to the ski slopes and Dolinka Restaurant, which serves meals prepared from organic food. Marked hiking trails will bring you to Kráľova Hoľa.



If you turn to the church on Uhlárová Street in the centre of the village near the old firehouse, the road will bring you to the local timber mill and the sports centre with the football and multipurpose playground. Following the valley you can get to Kráľova Hoľa or to a cross marking the place of the biggest battle near Liptovská Teplička.


If you turn left at the old firehouse, you will get to the area special for its hundreds of barns (still used for storing crops, carriages and other agricultural equipment; the buildings are unique for their concentration on a single place, are protected and the zoning plan demarks this area as the historical part of the village), the unique potato cellars and the woodenamphitheatre which offers an amazing view of the village, the High Tatras and the unique terraced fields that cannot be found elsewhere.


Following the road around the amphitheatre, you will come across Škvrkovec Spring with crystal clear water; the roads will lead you around the cemetery, the Holy Trinity Chapel and the House of Hope (Grief) to the nature trail around Liptovská Teplička and to the hiking and biking trails leading to Kráľova Hoľa. A 6.5-kilometre-long nature trail that can be reduced to a 2-kilomtre-long walk will provide the visitors with information about the country, its waters, fauna, flora, economy, the forest railway, the wetlands and many other things. Walking behind the houses of Liptovská Teplička, you cross the border of the protected area and the Low Tatras National Park (NAPANT).


When walking around the village you will meet women wearing traditional dresses, hear the local dialect and see the horse-drawn carriages. You will see herds of sheep grazing on the slopes surrounding the village. If you want to see the original folk architecture, check the timbered houses on the main street and in the centre of the village. You can arrange performance of children's folklore ensemble Turnička or folk band Tepličan playing folk music for an event held in one of the local restaurants and guest houses.




Liptovská Teplička is a typical mountain village situated at the northern foot of the Low Tatras. The village is surrounded by beautiful scenery of the Čierny Váh (Black Váh) valley and typical for its folk traditions that can be found only blow the hill of Kráľova Hoľa (King's Bald Mountain).




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