Potato Cellars


An alleged European rarity – small cellars scattered between the village and the local cemetery – is another interesting feature of the village. The potato cellars are simple cellars for storing potatoes dug vertically into the ground.


They are 2.5 to 3 metres deep and are pear-shaped as their width decreases upwards. The cellars are covered with small roofs made of timber with a layer of soil and sod. The roof is slightly sloped and supported by a small door embedded into posts.


Vegetables (especially potatoes) keep relatively good quality all year round thanks to limestone, in which the cellars are dug and stable temperature between 2 and 6 °C. One cellar holds thirty or more bags of potatoes. These unique cellars still serve their originally purpose today. There are still 419 potato cellars left in the village. Their appearance resembles homes of dwarves and so the cellars attract a lot of curious tourists.

Timbered Houses and Stodolište

Teplická Izba and Teplický Dom

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Liptovská Teplička is a typical mountain village situated at the northern foot of the Low Tatras. The village is surrounded by beautiful scenery of the Čierny Váh (Black Váh) valley and typical for its folk traditions that can be found only blow the hill of Kráľova Hoľa (King's Bald Mountain).




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